Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Day 91, June 29, 2010

Today marks the three-month point since I began writing the first draft manuscript of my new novel. In that time, I've written 431 pages or 130,579 words. This is a fair bit more than I anticipated when I set out. At that point, I expected the manuscript would come in between 350-400 pages.But these things, obviously, are hard to predict. Without the benefit of reading the entire manuscript, which I won't do until it's finished and I take two weeks off to decompress, I don't think I've done any padding. I'm working in a way that feels right to me, giving the characters the development they deserve but not letting any of them run away with the story.

Even so, things around the home front have reached the point where my wife and daughter ask every day: Are you going to finish soon? And I say: Yes, soon. Which is true. Soon being a relative thing. But I don't think I have more than a week to ten days to go. Really.

I wrote another five pages today. In the first scene, the protagonist, though he hasn't realized it yet, has discovered the means by which the antagonists intend to bring their plan to a conclusion. The question is, will the light dawn in time to prevent large scale mayhem? In the second scene, a major supporting character who has been recruited by the antagonists considers the real possibility he might die as a result of his choice.

Day 91 of writing my new novel is done.

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