Thursday, June 24, 2010

Day 85, June 24, 2010

You've heard of baseball games getting rained out? Last night my blog got rained out. To be more precise, it got T-stormed out. I was writing later than usual. Took a break for dinner. By the time I intended to come back and post yesterday's blog, the storm had moved in, and it stayed until the time I was ready to conk out for the day. As mentioned previously in this blog, when there's heavy lightning in the area, I unplug my computer to keep it from getting fried.

Anyway, I wrote five pages yesterday. In scene one, the protagonist discovers the way the antagonists have been spying on him. Rather than dismantle it, he will try to use it to turn the tables. In scene two, there's a meeting of two disgruntled employees, one current, one former. They form an alliance. They should really know better than to trust one another, but they don't, and alliances of convenience can become anything but convenient in the end.

Day 85 of writing my new novel was done yesterday. (On to today's work.)

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