Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Day 71, June 9, 2010

For me, the written word is the way I hear with my eyes. That might sound strange, but people often talk about an author having a "voice." As a reader, I find that to be almost literally true. When I'm caught up in a good story, the experience is very much like listening to someone tell me that story aloud.

When I write, I don't talk to myself, but I can still hear my words as they appear on the computer monitor. Today, I was having a hard time with both what I saw and what I heard. My voice was off key, my tone was flat. It wasn't much fun.

The only thing to do when that happens is to shrug it off. I imagine Sinatra, Elvis and even Meat Loaf all had days when their pipes weren't quite pitch perfect. When that happens, you just have to put it behind you.

Today's scenes were about characters getting jittery as the pressure on them builds. Perfectly okay for the characters. Not so good for the writer. I got three pages written today and on a day like this, that was enough.

Day 71 of writing my new novel is done.

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