Tuesday, June 8, 2010

Day 70, June 8, 2010

Some days come easier than others. When there's a thunder storm, and you're watching your dad's dog, and the dog's afraid of thunder, and the lightning starts flashing, and you decide it's a good idea to shut down and unplug your computer so it doesn't get fried, that kind of stuff can impede your productivity.

And when you write in fits and starts instead of nice big peaceful chunks of time, the quality can suffer.

But so what? If you're a writer, you write. And you don't worry too much about the writing because you're going to rewrite it anyway. And it's just the first draft. The whole thing is subject to revision, polishing, buffing, making it as close to perfect as you can.

All that being the case, I managed to write five-plus pages today, and with the rewrite I did, it turned out pretty well. In today's scene, the protagonist was sitting at his desk occupied with analysis and decision making. Doesn't sound too riveting, I know. But the character is at the center of the story and he has to figure things out as much as the reader does. I think he handles this task quite nicely.

I've always admired this type of scene when it's artfully done, and every writer from Arthur Conan Doyle to John D. MacDonald has done it. I'm happy to be following in a worthy tradition here.

Day 70 of writing my new novel is done.

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