Thursday, July 8, 2010

Day 100, July 8, 2010

This was a really productive day. I didn't get out of the house, but I got seven pages done. Among those pages were four scenes. As I mentioned before, the pace of the storytelling has picked up. The scenes are shorter and more plot-focused. The interplay between story lines is quicker. Scenes end with hooks, which is the writer's way of saying to the reader, "I dare you to try to put my book down now." If their hair isn't on fire, chances are they won't do it.

As far as this blog goes, though, I'm facing a bit of a dilemma. I want to continue to provide a general idea of what's going on but I don't want to reveal too much. Don't want to spoil the ending. If you're thinking, yeah, sure, the hero always rides off into the sunset, you haven't read all my books.

So being a bit more vague than usual, here are some of the things that happen. One supporting character carts away the body of another supporting character, hoping to profit by his action. Two latecomers to the story opt to step outside their duties to heed a higher calling. A major supporting character is tempted to blow up the antagonists' entire plan out of envy. The protagonist's wife learns from her father how to get away with murder.

Day 100! Day 100 of writing my new novel is done.

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