Saturday, May 29, 2010

Days 58, 59, 60, May 26-28, 2010

Writing while away from home isn’t too hard, but posting a daily blog without an onsite Internet connection is proving far more difficult. First to the nuts and bolts: On Wednesday, I wrote five pages; on Thursday, oh my, I took the day off, today I made up for yesterday by writing seven-plus pages.

In Wednesday’s scene, the protagonist’s wife has unexpected trouble at work and learns her husband’s place in the world might also be uncertain, as he’s made some unannounced plans for their future. Given the uncertainty of her own situation, the wife is glad about that but she wonders what else he’s been keeping from her.

Today’s two scenes find the protagonist getting the goods not on the antagonists but on another major character. With the social order starting to fracture, all sorts of people are having their secrets revealed. Meanwhile, the antagonists have dug up a secret on their chief nemesis of the moment and use the man’s past to haunt him in a very chilling way.

Days 57-59 of writing my new novel are done.

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